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The White Fawn Story

So, what changed?

In my college years, the accessibility now offered by internet-driven sales was still in its infancy, so making a living from art seemed difficult, if not impossible. The dilemma of how to work full-time to pay the bills while carving out time and resources to pursue art as a career was ever-present.

Inspired by other women starting their own craft-based small businesses in recent years, I began to realize that my goal was attainable, with some dedication, ambition, and resourcefulness. Bolstered by the success of these mentors, I took the leap in 2016 to create White Fawn and finally pursue my ultimate dream of turning my passion into a living, and spending my days with meaning!

What is White Fawn all about?

At White Fawn, I create nature-inspired art and home décor that combines a sense of whimsy and magic with precision and refinement. I founded my studio on the idea that beauty found in nature can be brought into our homes and incorporated into everyday life, through art.

Who makes the pieces?

All White Fawn original pieces are created by me, Ana Corrales. I work with a wide range of media and techniques, which is reflected in the variety of items I offer. I embrace my eclectic method with a sense of discovery and play, experiencing the act of creation as a journey of exploration and experimentation.

I also have a sharp eye for detail, and put a lot of time and passion into every piece. I find endless inspiration in nature, and am especially drawn to its organic, flowing, lines and shapes.

Paco & Ana.jpg
Tell me more about the artist!

I have been creating and crafting since I was a small child. I was fortunate to have a family that always encouraged and fostered my interest. Some of my fondest memories are of summers in Maine, spent painting watercolors alongside my grandfather, an avid painter.


I continued to develop my diverse set of art skills throughout grade school and college, and while working in various fields over the years, I continued to make art in my spare time. During these years, I kept learning, creating, and dreaming, with the goal of one day finding a way to make a living doing what I love.

Why the name, “White Fawn”?

Once I felt inspired, motivated, and courageous enough to go for it, I needed to come up with the perfect name for my business. One Saturday afternoon while driving with a friend, I happened upon the lovely sight of a white fawn frolicking with its family.


Taken aback by this rare and delightful sight, I did some research into the symbolism of the white fawn, and learned that in some cultures, they represent magic and spirituality, and to see one in the wild is a good omen! White fawns are rare, distinctive, magical, mythical, and precious -- all qualities that I saw paralleled in my art. I knew that I had found the perfect representation for my artistic vision, and the next day, I drew the white fawn which would become the business's logo!

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